Celebrations are part of our lives. Ceremonies and rituals are symbolic images of our aspirations and state of being. They bind us to our vision of the future and build the energy of the present. Our songs, dances and prayers manifest our spirit and our connection the Divine Being. They are significant part of our lives.

I can be contacted to create a format of celebration and to hold ceremonies and rituals for different occasions about celebrations or healing of lives.

Examples of celebration or ceremonies/ rituals for healing of lives are:

• Expression of Vows/ Hand fasting
• Baptism
• Healing Ties
• Blessing of A Place
• Pregnancy/ Birth
• Birthday
• Celebration of Life A Deceased Person
• Letting Go and Others

For any request on celebrations, ceremonies and rituals, please email: circleoflightandlove14@gmail.com
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Cosmic Healer
Cosmic Healer
Cosmic Healer
Cosmic Healer

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