Tips and Techniques on Reiki Healing and Meditation

Cosmic Healer

Reiki Meditation for healing Money issues

by Cosmic Healer Lilian Jarales-Hewlett


1. Do this meditation every Sunday morning. This is the time when other World Group of Servers are meditating for the spiritual purpose of money.
2. Put the money that you earn or any portion of it on the altar or any sacred container to be presented during the meditation. This serves as a magnet for good purposes.
3. Create a feeling of joy and happiness for the blessings through money. Visualize this feeling expanding all throughout the world, especially those who need money.

1. Reflect your attitude towards money for the week.
2. How did you relate and use it?
3. What are the positive experiences and thoughts that you have associated with it?
4. Has there been a negative thoughts of feelings that you have associated with it?
5. What is your learning about money?

Meditation and Healing
1. Do the gassho position. Attune to Reiki.
2. With your palms raised up to the level of the heart with palms facing outward, intent the Reiki to heal the money with you and all the money around the world. Say:
​“I give thanks for this money. May it be free from all negativities. May it multiply a million of times as I use it for the continuing fullness and prosperity of life.”
3. Visualize the money flowing to people who need it for the rightful purposes and to all spiritual work around the world. Visualize it flowing with the bright golden color. Say:
​“Divine Spirit, allow the money to flow to where it is needed for your highest purpose.”
4. Claim that it is done. Pledge to continue the cycle of giving and receiving.
5. Allow the Reiki to flow until it reaches its peak on healing for the moment.
6. End with 3 OM. Om - Om - Om


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