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Dear Fellow Reiki Healers,

Reiki Blessings!

​Reiki is our gift of life from the Divine Source. Accepting this gift and intending to share and teach Reiki is putting a highest value on healing the world.

​After the hard work that follows Reiki level II Attunement, Reiki Level III is a joyous gift. Reiki Level III Apprenticeship leads to the Master/Teacher’s Degree.

A Master is a teacher, one who has mastered discipline. No ego or ownership is otherwise involved in the term. The third degree level of Reiki is only recommended for the serious healer, and especially for those who wish to teach Reiki and make Reiki a major part of their lives.

​By deciding to go into a Reiki Level III Apprenticeship Program, you submit yourself to some practical and theoretical requirements, which will enable you to further increase your ability to channel healing energy and reach a higher level of healing.

​We are all teachers and learners of the Reiki Healing Gift. Let us take the step together.

​Love and Lights,

“ Aisa” Lilian Jarales-Hewlett
​Reiki Master-Teacher



Who can qualify?

Anyone who:

A. Has taken Reiki Level One and Level Two degrees;
B. Done self-healing and healing of others;
C. Is willing to submit to the requirements of the program;
D. Is willing to follow the fair energy exchange for the program. 

There are two levels for Reiki Master Certification namely, the Reiki Master-A Certification on which a student is attuned to pass on attunements to others; and second is the Reiki Master-B Certification on which the student aside from being attuned to pass on attunements to others, completes the requirements to teach the reiki classes. It is always an option, if one wants to teach or not. However, passing an attunement is a task to do. There are cases that a teacher is attuned and yet never do the task of a reiki master-teacher, I suggest that one really reflect on being one. Otherwise, a non-performing reiki master-teacher is not using the gifts that the universe has provided for them. One should not be attached to the titles of being a Reiki Master, but rather focus on the service to others.

I offer an apprenticeship program. This means it is a process of training. This also means that an aspiring Reiki Master-Teacher should fulfill all the requirements within a given time frame. There is no instant certification. Once fulfilled, one can be a Certified Reiki Master A or a Certified Reiki Master-Teacher. There is no fixed duration for the certification but an individualized process and will be based on the pacing of the development of the student.

There is a new level of professionalism that we are also adding to our Reiki practice - a Reiki Professional Training for those who would like to practice professionally, and specially to those aspiring Reiki Master-Teacher. Our training hopes to meet the standards of seeing Reiki with the bounds of professionalism and ethics of the practice. I encourage you to take the different modules on the Reiki Professional Training.

Once you reach Master Level, your journey has only just begun. You will go further in your journey and make decisions that you never thought possible before. Your life will be changed forever.


Theoretical requirements for the Apprenticeship

During the Apprenticeship Program, with my guidance one must complete three levels of requirements: Theoretical, Practical and Personal.

A) Completing the following after the Reiki Second Degree Attunement:
Advanced Reiki Training (ART) - an 8-hour lecture on different types of Reiki meditations, healing techniques and other additional tools that can be used for Reiki healing. This is a-must for all
Meditation Teacher's Class - a 4-hour lecture that involves orientation about meditation, its types, as well as do's and don’ts in conducting meditation. This is a-must for all. This is different from the Becoming A Meditation Teacher on the Reiki Professional Training.
Reiki Professional Training – this is composed of 5 modules – Reiki Professional Standard and Tools, Becoming A Meditation Teacher, Reiki Guidance, Successful Reiki Practice-Successful Spiritual Business, and Medical Intuitive Training, a 9-day training on Reiki standards, meditation, conducting Reiki Guidance, and holding a successful practice. Each module is conducted separately. These are all the basic knowledge and practice that one should develop in professional Reiki practice. (A must for all or based on the needs assessment of the apprentice.)        
    • Must pass the given quizzes
    • Must attend Reiki Master Retreat
    • Reiki Teacher Training (A must based on the skill of the apprentice.)

B) Reiki Third Degree Class and Attunement – a 1 and 1/2 day of recollection and class on the third-degree practice of Reiki.

C) Reiki Master Class and Attunement - this is a 1-1/2 day class of retreat and lectures on being a Reiki Master and on how to pass attunements. One should have fulfilled the 75 clients as a Personal Requirement before taking this class.

D) Meditation Teacher's Class - a 4-hour lecture that involves orientation about meditation, its types, as well as do's and don’ts in conducting meditation. This is a-must for all. This is different from the Becoming A Meditation Teacher on the Reiki Professional Training.

E. Life Works - a 4-hour session on understanding one’s life and journey. This is a way of working on oneself. One can help others if one understands oneself.
E. Others (optional)
1. Inner Gifts and Divine Guidance – a 1 ½ day of lecture-workshop on psychic works, ethics, practice and receiving Divine guidance.
2. Living In a Psychic Way - a 1 ½ day of lecture on channeling, dreams, and Divine Connection
3. Intuitive Healing - focuses on deepening our abilities on energy diagnosis and work.
4. Book Review on the following: Esoteric Healing by Alice Bailey; Hands with The Light by Brennan; Synthesis in Healing by Judy Jacka; Light Emerging by Brenda Brennan

The optional classes are aimed at developing our intuitive abilities that can help us in our healing work, understanding our own life path, and deepening our understanding of the intuitive energy healing.


Practical requirements for the Apprenticeship

A. For Master Level A Attunement
a.1. Must have 75 documented cases of healing (75 persons) to be submitted for Reiki Professional Practice Accreditation
a.2. Must have 10 documented cases of distant healing (10 persons)
a.3. A Clinical Practicum
a.4. Reiki home visits (3 visits)
a.5. Has at least one Sponsored Reiki Shares

Student should submit a report on the practical requirement. Each will be given a form to submit.

B. For Master-Teacher Level B Attunement
b.1. Has organized at least one Reiki Level One-degree class with teaching and attunement experience
b.2. Has organized at least one Reiki Level Two-degree class with teaching and attunement experience

Student should submit a reflection paper on the first class. This step follows the attunement on the Third-Degree level.


Personal Requirement

1. Submission of the Personal Information Sheet
2. Regular Reiki Meditation
3. Attendance to Reiki Retreats
4. Payment of the Fair Energy Exchange upon enrollment for the apprenticeship and/or in full amount upon attunement

Application timeframe: 13 – 36 months after Reiki Level One-degree attunement


Fair Energy Exchange (FEE)

The FEE (Fair Energy Exchange) varies depending on your country of origin. Please contact me for this at circleoflightandlove14@gmail.com.
Enrolment/Class Fee:
An enrollment fee is asked should one decides to avail of the Reiki Master Apprenticeship program. The amount varies depending on your country of origin.
Please contact me for this at circleoflightandlove14@gmail.com

The Registration FEE will cover the registration process, quiz, and the Reiki Meditation Class (online or in person).

Balance payment will be settled depending on the selected Sub-program.


How do I enroll?

1. Fill up the application form and submit (Contact me at circleoflightandlove14@gmail.com for your application form).
2. Answer and submit the interview questions (you shall receive the interview questions with the application form).
3. You will receive a letter for the assessment report.
4. Upon passing the assessment, register to the program. Choose your Apprenticeship Plan. (Process of assessment takes 2-3 days)
5. When you receive our letter of acceptance. Your Reiki Master Apprenticeship Program begins.

For other information or consideration, please e-mail me at circleoflightandlove14@gmail.com

Lights and Blessings!



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