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Reiki means “rei” spiritual and “ki” energy. 
Reiki is an energy healing technique that balances the energy of a person to bring physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness. It is done through a gentle laying of hands on different parts of the body that relates to the energy centers called “chakras”.

All of the illness come from the imbalance energy level. These imbalances that manifest on the energy centers originates from the thoughts, emotions, and spiritual state of a person.

Reiki complements any kind of healing modalities and medical treatments. It brings a feeling of relaxation, wellness and wholeness of being. It does not only bring healing to the physical body but can bring healing to the life of a person.
Reiki healing can be done in person or distant.

For Reiki healing in person or distance and energy diagnosis, please email:


Reiki can be learned by anyone who is interested in healing oneself and others.

This course teaches the basics of energy healing: self-healing and and healing others as taught by in a traditional way of Mikao Usui. First Degree Attunements are given.

Fair energy Exchange: $200 (1 and 1/2 Day)

This 1-day course teaches the inner teachings of healing on the of emotional, mental, spiritual levels. It also teaches how to do distance healing. Second Degree Attunements are given.

Fair energy exchange: $230

Third Degree Reiki – Master/Teacher Apprenticeship - this course is for those who would like to serve humanity through giving attunements and teaching Reiki to others. This is an apprenticeship program. The means a student needs to fulfill practical, theoretical and personal requirements . One can apply after 13 months of taking First and Second Degree and Advanced Reiki Training respectively.

Fair energy exchange: $230

Half-day Rejuvenating Healing Meditation Fair energy exchange: $30

This 3-day course is for reiki practitioners who would like to have a high standard of reiki professional practice. This includes review of healing techniques both traditional and modern ones; spiritual guidance; reiki meditation, holistic healing practice, and Self-care.

Both the Advanced Reiki Training (ART) and Reiki Pactice Enhancement Training can be given in person or online. For inquiries and request for Reiki Healing and Classes, please email:



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