Earth Healing can be done in any place – be it a house, a business space, a land, a property lot, and water areas for the purpose of clearing unwanted energies and renew the life-force of the space.

Unwanted energies can fill-up any places. These can come from negative emotions and thought forms of the present or previous occupants, also unwanted incidents such as accidents, crime or violent deaths, and even simple energetic imbalance can affect the over-all energetic status of the people living in the area. 

Earth healing is best done when moving into a new space, building a new structure, selling a particular land or space, and in apartments or place where people come and go. It is also advisable to do earth healing in places where an unwanted presence of energy is felt or where accidents or negative events had happened.

Earth healing is renewing the energy of a space through balancing the flow of energy of a space or place. It is a higher form of healing that connects to the Earth Angels or Devas. A renewed place enhances a new beginning. It brings the blessings of happiness, abundance, and peace.

For any request on Earth Healing please email:

This level deals with learning the basics of healing the earth: connecting to the unseen earth workers, relating to the energies of the earths, and rituals and ceremonies for healing the earth. There is only one lecture every month and the rest of the time is spent on assignments and practicum.

This level is for those who would like to take their earth healing for a higher level of work – as working with earth energy grids and actively healing the earth’s energy. There is only one lecture every month and the rest of the time is spent in assignments and practicum.

The Earth Intuitive Apprenticeship Course can be taught in person or online.
For inquiries and request for Earth Healing and Classes, please email: 

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cosmic healer
Cosmic Healer
Cosmic Healer
Cosmic Healer
Cosmic Healer

197 Main Street
Road Town
Tortola, VG 1110 British Virgin Islands


Phone: +1 (284) 494 5406

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