"I love to see people living a happy, healthy, and wealthy life. I put this as my highest intention in offering the Cosmic Space Connection. "

The Cosmic Space Connection is my combined practice of BTB Fengshui (Black Sect Tibetan Tantric Buddhist School of Fengshui of Black Hat Sect Fengshui) and my 10 years of earth intuitive work.

If you are not familiar with BTB Fengshui yet, it is the Western Fengshui taught by Rinpoche Lin Yun in 1970 that combined the practice of Form Fengshui and Compass Fengshui. It uses the chakras or energy centers and deals with unseen forces and waves to enhance the energy of a place.

33% of our life depends on the energy of our home, work space and environment. Enhancing the 33% of the energy of our environment opens our life to its highest potentiality.

Land Healing and Space Clearing
Please click this link: Earth Healing

To set your appointment and consultation, please email me at: or send me a text message or call +63 977 7060 661

cosmic healer

• Balance and Harmony
• Better understanding of Self and Life Mission
• Better Health
• Improved prosperity
• Deepened Relationship to the Divine Creator
• Enhanced Spirituality

• Improved health
• Understanding how your home, workplace or environment contribute to
   your health
• Balance energy at home, workplace and environment
• Fun and vitality of life

• More effectiveness at work
• Enhanced flow of resources needed for life and business – finances,
   helpful people and resources
• Reduced stress and more fun at work and home
• Increased recognition at work and profession
• Increased income

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Cosmic Healer
Cosmic Healer
Cosmic Healer
Cosmic Healer

197 Main Street
Road Town
Tortola, VG 1110 British Virgin Islands


Phone: +1 (284) 494 5406